Recording artist, producer and songwriter Jino-The-Don was born February 7th 1985 in La Ceiba, Honduras (Central America). His parents separated on his arrival to the states in 1991. With no father figure to teach him rite from wrong Jino was left to learn from his own mistakes (“Message To Pops”). For a majority of his life Jino and his two younger sisters were raised by a single parent mother in his hometown Boston, MA (“Isn’t She Lovely”). Jino has been through many different walks of life, from the hood to the suburbs (Wake Up Call). Jino is the voice for many poor and middle class individuals raised with the bare minimum. He speaks for the everyday struggling, hard working nine to five individuals and hustlers. “We want no more in life then to be successful”.

Jino style is fused from many of his child hood influences. At an early age Jino became a fan of artist such as 2Pac, Jay-Z, Biggie, LL Cool J, Bob Marley, The Fugees, and Boys 2 Men. Thus far in his musical career Jino has done opening performances for major artist such as Serani, Ron Browz, Verse Simonds, DJ Khaled, Juelz Santana and Mario. Jino is now currently working on his debut mixtape “9 To 5 AND A-HU$TLE” #PROGRESSISMANDATORY


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